The Banja Luka WordPress Developer is responsible for all WordPress development and maintenance, including bug fixes, new feature development, updates, and deployments.


  1. Developing and maintaining WordPress themes and plugins

  2. Assisting with core theme development

  3. Assisting with events and presentations

  4. Participating in discussions on the forums

  5. Maintaining a healthy balance of work/life with other developers

  6. Working to improve their skills through self-education or training opportunities

  7. Supporting other developers as needed

  8. Contribute to the documentation of the codebase

  9. Participate in product design and roadmap discussions

  10. Collaborate with other developers on major projects as needed

It’s located at 44.7804 17.1800 coordinates with capital admin

WordPress Developer in Bosnia And Herzegovina. Here are the other ones:



Zubin Potok